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 ## Activist ## Activist
 +## Ambassador / Bard
 +Not necessarily a member of any specific hackerspace,​ but someone travelling between different ones, sharing stories, tools, projects, tips and gossip. Usually wielding some musical instrument and with an ability to make people open over a mug of beer.
 ## Anarchist ## Anarchist
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 ## Biologist ## Biologist
 +Being fed up with the University'​s passiveness someone wants to try - or teach others to really do something with their knowledge about biology or chemistry. They start with simple [PCRs](http://​​) or [centrifuges](https://​​2012/​06/​11/​dremelfuge-classic/​). Usually really excited they'​re doing something "off the grid". Rarely Grinders or Cooks.
 +Worth checking: [DIY BIO](https://​​) and [Biohacking Safari](http://​​)
 ## Bitcoin Evangelist ## Bitcoin Evangelist
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 Currently not planned in Glider. Currently not planned in Glider.
 +## Community Organizer / Cat Herder
 +Not every Space has them, but this person usually "​runs"​ the space: handles legal status, tries to resolve conflicts and dramas, comes up with hackathon ideas and organizes most of the events. Sometimes it's the same person as [[characters:​archetypes#​garbage_woman|Garbage Woman]].
 +Personally I'd like not to have a single person fulfilling that role, but rather a dynamic balance between (Adam)[characters:​main:​adam],​ [Robert](characters:​main:​robert) and [Amanda](characters:​main:​amanda). To read more, see subpage [Why not cat herder?​](characters:​archetypes:​cat_herder)
 ## Composer ## Composer
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