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Hackerspace Archetypes


Ambassador / Bard

Not necessarily a member of any specific hackerspace, but someone travelling between different ones, sharing stories, tools, projects, tips and gossip. Usually wielding some musical instrument and with an ability to make people open over a mug of beer.




Being fed up with the University's passiveness someone wants to try - or teach others to really do something with their knowledge about biology or chemistry. They start with simple PCRs or centrifuges. Usually really excited they're doing something “off the grid”. Rarely Grinders or Cooks.

Worth checking: DIY BIO and Biohacking Safari

Bitcoin Evangelist

Cryptocurrencies will bring anonymity, freedom and flexibility to the markets - and salvation to the world. They can be Cypherpunks or startup enthusiasts.

When they learn more about crypto (and if they aren't hardcore anarchists), they change into Blockchain Evangelist, seeing the money-giving distributed databases as a huge chance.

People who invested in BTC before the hype started - even if they spent all 10kBTC on pizza - tend to be more cynical and laid off about the subject.

Building Owner - Lease agent

(by Thomas Williams) This is the person who owns the space the hackerspace leases. They have some tiny part of themselves that wants to belong but has no time in their rat race. While they are more than happy to go to bat for the hacker space on things like the fire marshal being a dick or the local parking police saying you can't crowd the street after 4am, even though its tucked away in a corner of old-semi-abandoned industrial space, they draw a HARD LINE when it comes to payments and insurance.

Never met that kind of person myself / alxd. There's a whole story arc focused on looking for a new Space, but I don't know if it will be the one we'll go with eventually.


Burning Man participant. Almost exclusively specific to US, although there are people who travel there from all over the world. Usually can't shut up about how awesome the festival is.

Currently not planned in Glider.

Community Organizer / Cat Herder

Not every Space has them, but this person usually “runs” the space: handles legal status, tries to resolve conflicts and dramas, comes up with hackathon ideas and organizes most of the events. Sometimes it's the same person as Garbage Woman.

Personally I'd like not to have a single person fulfilling that role, but rather a dynamic balance between (Adam)[characters:main:adam], Robert and Amanda. To read more, see subpage Why not cat herder?



Cooks all kind of strange drugs. Rarely dealing with anything “popular” or gang-related, usually surfs the DarkNet to find obscure medical papers about substances rejected from pharmaceutic use for their side effects. Sometimes a Grinder or Biologist.


Someone cosplaying different characters and uses the 'Space to make their own outfits.

In Glider, Juliet

Cynical Admin



Usually a former active member, now attends the Space with his kids. He wants to teach them how to learn hands-on, not only at a school desk. Usually has very little time, dropping by no more often than once a week. Sometimes makes money by using his Space-acquired skills.

In Glider, Robert


Food Hacker

There are very different people fulfilling this role: brewers, quantum kitchen enthusiasts, chiefs, bbq masters, spicy food lovers, house-mum hackers.

(by Thomas Williams) There is someone male or female who loves the things like automatic bread makers, or the idea of making a sud verda steak cooker, or putting fans and dampeners on the bbq with a simple PID loop for even temps.

For now we have Felix.

Free Software Inquisitor

GNU/Linux. Because it's not just open source.

Cynic and Adam, although in slightly different ways.

Garbage Woman

(by Thomas Williams) This tends to be a woman. She's the one that notices the toilet paper is almost out and replaces it leaving the old role setting nicely on top. She doesn't just get a mug for coffee from the dishes that have dried over night on the rack but puts all the dishes away. She knows it's raiser to take the trash out, down the long hallway, outside, around the building, and into the dumpster if it is half full. So she does it when it is half full. As such no one else can remember ever taking the trash out. Its not that people are assholes its just that she takes care of the small things before they get bigger. Ironically the Cynic somehow recognized the integral role she plays and the power she has even over him. This is the one free pass in the shop. The person never pranked, the person who gets doors held or the one with whom he bites his tongue. She is the grease that lets the shop run. She is one of the few who even know there is a clipboard somewhere with things like current paper towel tally or “buy at the costco” list. While the actually shopping may be rotated among members (with the hakerspace credit card of course) no one ever seems to wonder how the list is generated.

Gee, that was me last time / alxd. I can imagine Robert and Amanda doing that, in slighly different ways.


Biohacker Wikipedia experimenting on themselves. Currently not planned.


Preppers are preparing for the end of current civilization. Learning survival skills, building caches or bunkers, doing what they can to survive the impending apocalypse. Some of them are not content with Fallout-like vision of bottlecaps and retro-tech and would like to know how to bootstrap the civilization.

Info-Preppers usually carry around one of the Toughbooks (sometimes modded to withstand EMP) with a copy of Wikipedia and Global Village Construction Set. They have all the knowledge of short-distance radios, ways to repair most simple machines, first aid - and of course meshed networks. If we ever have an actual apocalypse, those people may be worth more than all the regular survivalists.

A concept for a good Solarpunk character. Usually eco-aware and anarchist.




Mathematician / Functional Developer


NGO Activist

Someone dedicated to their cause so deeply that they agreed to become an almost-starving wage-slave of a foundation of other NGO. Their main skill is local politics and knowing how to get grants for different projects and do the books properly. Usually miserable.

In rare cases when they have other source of income / are at the top of their organization, can be really bossy / claim other people's work as theirs. In that case - charismatic and / or vile.

Sometimes the same person as the Activist.

In Glider - Adam


That guy who comes to the Space saying that only you can save humanity from Chemtrails. Currently no one.

Precision Tools Guy

(by Thomas Williams) This guy is older, has a fly fishing vest he wears with small tools tucked into it. He never makes a tool work, instead sorting through his well organized tools to find the proper one. He's the guy in the Space that owns the 401 security screwdriver set you need to get into that old Nintendo cartage or the newer screws on this donated ATM. He's got ESD and insulated, MEtic, standard, and this weird set of old Russian thing that were only used post world war two on three versions of there subs (now no longer in service.) He's being constantly reminded that his manuals (which he likes to print off and read by hand instead of by pdf or on the kindle) represent a fire hazard, even though his desk is the neatest of everyone's. He doesn't interact much with others. He's quite and polite. But there are two sins for which he is a HOLY AVENGER: You DO NOT use tools without permission, and PUT THINGS BACK WHERE THEY GO, not where you got them.

Probably Robert



Remote Freelancer

Shy Girl

Startup Guy


Tumblr Girl/Guy


Video Game Artist

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