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Main Characters

The five main characters are planned to be equal in the story, representing different aspects / approached to hacking. None of them is “the protagonist”. The story presented in the Glider Ink aims to follow their relationships and what they form together, as a community - leaving further character development to the spinoffs.

Each of the characters is planned to have one chapter featuring them, where “the camera” follows their daily problems. In the meantime, all the other characters are shown in both sub-plots and the background, sketching their relations with the community.

First chapter follows Suzanne and may focus more on the main five, with few or no secondary characters - to introduce the reader to the Space and sketch it as a concept.

A character serves a plot. A serves the goals. If they don't follow that order, they are to be removed. No matter how awesome Suzanne's story could be. No matter how much we'd like to see Robert, his wife and kids. With no regard for the latest Cynic's exploits. They exist only to direct people's attention to real hackerspace movement.

There will be lots and lots of unused ideas, plots, subplots for every character. They may help further writers / artists create next stories in the Glider “universe”, so feel free to add them for every character.

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