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Amanda character writeups archive

Dark & Light versions of Amanda

Amanda is 28 in both versions.

Light Amanda:

  • feminist (more outspoken)
  • + DIY / solarpunk
  • sustainability activist
  • + TumblrGirl
  • open-hearted big-sister
  • + sex positive

Rather short and stout, Amanda has always had really broad hips. Being unable to find a single piece of clothing which fit her without adjustments made her really angry on the capitalist world with its only right vision of beauty. She taught herself to tailor and decided that she doesn't really need to conform to these standards, wearing what she wants, and looking what the hell she wants.

I'm leaving her body and wardrobe mostly to you. Hair? Tattoos? Up to you. Feel free to play with different Solarpunk themes - bright natural colors, floral patterns, loose trousers, skirts and dresses. Amanda isn't afraid to uncover her body, but does it with more finesse than just navel-long cleavage. She may use different shapes, materials, colors and patterns to draw attention or mask something. Just keeps in mind that while bold - she is a real person and doesn't want to fall over a gown or operate a sewing machine with huge cuffs :P Cynic will riddicule her anyway.

Making that first step of disobedience she quickly realized that she doesn't have to live the way the magazines tell her to and she can just enjoy herself - she is openly sex-positive feminist not fearing to talk about any awkward topic. She feels well in her body and as long as she's healthy - she doesn't intend to change it. Being an outspoken feminist she promotes her agenda everywhere she wants, emphasizing consent in every relation, equality and a need to cater for gender differencies. She's openly bisexual, but doesn't mention any boyfriends or girlfriends.

Amanda uses Hackerspace as her workshop for both tailoring (hence the mannequin in the corner and pins under most of the tables) and light crafting, preferring to repair something than to buy a new one. She supports sustainability (being a vegetarian herself) and thinks that repair-shops and spaces like this should be much more widespread. From time to time she tries 3-d printing a new design of a sex toy (which needs to be then coated in silicone - or better, be a form for a silicone cast). She tumblrs about it constantly, earning Cynic's eternal disrespect as a local social justice warrior.

She wants to give Suzanne some support and help her find herself as an independent person, getting rid of all the nervousness and shyness she might have gotten along the way. Amanda doesn't like seeing Suz fixated on a single thought of building something and eating herself over it - and would love to get her to unwind and enjoy being human.

Dark Amanda

  • feminist (more aggressive)
  • + sound engineer
  • sustainability activist
  • + ex-punk / ex-anarchist
  • protective big sister
  • + drone / chiptune composer

Amanda spent her late teens fucking the system. She loved the punk scene, loud music and intense concerts. Tried starting a band two or three times, but with little success. Spending time at the backstage and needing money eventually got her into sound engineering - and it seems that being able to set everything up is much more reliable skill than just thrashing on the scene. It taught her to care for her hearing (wearing earplugs in really noisy places), and learned to enjoy more sophisticated genres of music - from classical to drone and chiptunes.

Living in a squat for several years got her really immersed in the counter-culture. Being present on every protest, blocking the fascists and neo-natzis, organizing feminist marches and LGBT support (she used to have both boyfriends and girlfriends), she learned to be indeptendent and how to say no. With a boot if required. She got several tattoos with those themes and proudly displayed them for years.

Eventually she began to be really irritated by the sexism and dangerously simple worldview present even in the most leftist of communities. Squats are usually inhabited by the young, who bring a lot of energy and ideas, but little reason. Unwilling to become and “elder” and start educating them, Amanda started turning away from the squat life. She still saw all the problems in the world around her - evicted people hurt by the system, toxic capitalism and overwhelming ignorance of the masses - but decided that she wants to tackle it in a different way.

After finding herself an apartment outside the squat she decided to start changing the society from within instead of deluding herself that she can just quit. She felt a little ashamed with the simplicity of her previous beliefs - and isn't so proud to display the tattoos any more. Over the years she amassed quite a lot of DIY and repair skills (including tailoring - she did adjust majority of her clothes) and wants to share them with other people. She leads workshops, advocates, and still helps organizing some events - but with a different stance than before. Instead of starting a new community from the scratch she'd like to show people that their current lifestyles cannot last, hurting the environment, other people, and eventually themselves.

Dark Amanda isn't as proficient with the sewing machine as her lighter version - she adjusts, fixes and merges different existing pieces of clothing (maintaining similar, if much less vibrant theme). They are usually covering her tattoos - or giving them a different spin. She might be usually seen with a pair of good headphones on her neck (and needs a hairstyle she could wear them with). She's as voluptuous - just with a harsher feel to it. It's certainly not a person you'd want to grope, no matter how drunk.

In Space she does a lot of things - stores her music equipment (and that's huge), composes her new pieces, repairs bikes (not only hers), alters her clothes and leads workshops. She's pretty active helping Papa run and maintain everything, having some experience from the Squat. She's a frenemy of Cynic, who loves teasing her and checking when he'll get his ass kicked. At the same time they do share a little bit of fatigue when looking at the world - and

After meeting Suzanne she wants to teach her how to protect herself and be emotionally independent, pursuing whatever she wants. She won't be trying to change her, but her attempts at guidance may be much less subtle than her Lighter version.

Both Amandas share some story with Adam - something they'd rather not share publicly. The intensity of relationship with Cynic varies. Light Amanda will use many more words where the darker one would simply leave a pin on his chair the next time he goes to the toilet. Papa Maker respect Amanda for her involvement in the DIY movement - that's something he'd do as well, should he have any more time. He doesn't like the sex toys as much though, especially with his kids running around the Space. Suz is a little bit confused, but likes Amanda - she never had a sister, and this relationship is the closes to sisterhood she knows.

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