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Amanda is an anarchist working between the Glider and a local squat. She represents the creating and empowering aspect of anarchism, largely ignored by the popular culture.

She’s also an outspoken feminist - and while Suzanne can just ask to “leave her alone”, Amanda will be very vocal in criticizing every inequality.

She’s a sound operator to be found both at a movie set and preparing events. Her initial love for punk rock and metal has eventually led her to value many more types of music - and even try experimenting with creating something herself. Amanda keeps a collection of old USSR synthesizers in Space and can be often found playing them - and with them.

Getting close to her 30th birthday Amanda has some questions about her life to answer. She’s slowly getting tired of being a “bigger sister” for a lot of other anarchists, and still doesn’t see the change she had hoped for most of her life. Is this the time to change the approach?



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