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Amanda is an anarchist working between the Glider and a local squat. She represents the creating and empowering aspect of anarchism, largely ignored by the popular culture.

She’s also an outspoken feminist - and while Suzanne can just ask to “leave her alone”, Amanda will be very vocal in criticizing every inequality.

She’s a sound operator to be found both at a movie set and preparing events. Her initial love for punk rock and metal has eventually led her to value many more types of music - and even try experimenting with creating something herself. Amanda keeps a collection of old USSR synthesizers in Space and can be often found playing them - and with them.

Getting close to her 30th birthday Amanda has some questions about her life to answer. She’s slowly getting tired of being a “bigger sister” for a lot of other anarchists, and still doesn’t see the change she had hoped for most of her life. Is this the time to change the approach?


Amanda is the shortest of the main characters, slightly chubby woman nearing her 30th birthday. She's visibly pear-shaped with very prominent (but not comically wide) hips.

She feels good in her body and isn't afraid to show it, often wearing tank tops or tshirts showing her cleavage even in a male-dominated 'Space. She's very practical and has a hands-on approach, usually choosing outfits which will allow her to work freely, choosing trousers with real pockets (which she can modify herself) over skirts or dresses.

Amanda's face is very expressive, easily displaying a variety of emotions: relaxation and enjoyment while she's working on a new track; sternness bordering on anger when meeting with blatant sexism; concern over Suzanne who she treats as younger sister; pride in her own independence; exhaustion and despair when everything is just too much. She uses make-up more to underline her current mood than to make her face conform to the norm, and it can vary from very slight to Amanda-Palmer-like bold face painting.

Majority of Amanda's body is covered in tattoos from her angrier years. Even if today she embraces community building much more than smashing the state, she still likes them and proudly displays. She has her anarcha-feminist symbol on one arm, a snake wrapped over another, probably a small “volume down” somewhere.

She prefers a backpack or messenger back over any kind of purse, and sometimes can be seen with a fanny pack. Being a sound engineer, Amanda can be often seen with big closed headphones (with a curly cable) over her ears or resting at her neck.

Amanda's hairstyle is quite bold and allows easy access to her ears (for work), but these are the only requirements. You can give her dreadlocks or brightly-colored ponytail - whatever you feel suits her more.

When working as a boom operator (the person holding the microphone on a huge stick) she's usually loaded with all kinds of equipment in several bags all over herself.

As you can see, Amanda is a very visual character who likes her body and isn't afraid to use it to express herself - contrary to most other Space dwellers. Everything about her looks somehow emphasized who she is - and how she doesn't need to conform to anything.

Sound and music

Amanda really enjoys sound - in a way few people actually do. She doesn't have a stable job, but sometimes freelances setting up concert stages or mastering audio tracks when one of her friend's isn't able to. She's set up the sound system in the Space and actually instructs people how to use it without damaging their ears.

She's got a small collection of used audio equipment and old synthesizers she plays with, composing little tracks and putting them on the Internet either anonymously or under a pseudonym.

Even though really adept at signal processing and sound engineering, Amanda is the only person in the 'Space who doesn't know any programming language. That's enough for Cynic to consider her virtually illiterate - and which she regularly fights showing him her own skills, demanding to be treated as equal.



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