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  - Anarchy is Chaos (?) [TVTrope](http://​​pmwiki/​pmwiki.php/​Main/​AnarchyIsChaos)  - Anarchy is Chaos (?) [TVTrope](http://​​pmwiki/​pmwiki.php/​Main/​AnarchyIsChaos)
  - Feminism Fantasy [TVTrope](http://​​pmwiki/​pmwiki.php/​Main/​FeministFantasy)  - Feminism Fantasy [TVTrope](http://​​pmwiki/​pmwiki.php/​Main/​FeministFantasy)
 + - LelaCoders Interviews [Vimeo](https://​​lelacoders) - a repository of interviews with female hackers and activists from all around the world
 + - Violet Blue [Wikipedia](https://​​wiki/​Violet_Blue) - a sex positive hacker from Noisebridge
 + - Noisebridge AudioChurch [Meetup](https://​​noisebridge/​events/​248895092/?​_cookie-check=0HPXNv5O5qebd3uZ) - an "​everyone bring their own instrument"​ hacking event / concert at Noisebridge
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