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GLaDOS - the Technology

[TODO: Check if name isn't copyrighted / doesn't violate Creative Commons. Come up with something more punny]


For all the Hackerspace dwellers it should be absolutely obvious that technology is as important actor as any of the members. It's not only a tool, it's something people care about, something they cater to. A new 3D printer is invited with respect, first by the elders, then slowly introduced to the rest of the family.

There are projects many hackers get involved in - and a GLaDOS lamp is one of them. Printed and assembled by Robert, wired to the local network by Cynic, Amanda had an idea to give it a speaker, while Adam programmed the synthesizer and Suzanne came up with an intuitive interface to move it with. Now it stands (or hangs) as a (rarely) silent guardian of the Space, sometimes saying some lines from the popculture, sometimes reading IRC logs.

It's a family member in the 'Space and everybody see GLaDOS as their pet and child. It's also a symbol of technology created with their own hands, not only bought or rented from the cloud.


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