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Felix - the Networker

In a fantasy novel, there’s that Innkeeper that always knows everybody and gives characters quests. In a hackerspace, there’s that guy who knows everybody, is able to get invitation to every event and would gladly contact you with anyone.

Felix tends to work in hipster cafes and craft bars, co-organizing nearly every tech event in the city. He really likes the Glider and supports it with a permanent discount for all the members. That’s usually enough for everybody to forget his unsavory obsession with apples.

Barista Barista Antifashista

A police officer missunderstood what anti-Fascists were screaming. Instead of "Alerta! Alerta! Antifascista!" he said to the judge they were screaming "Barista! Barista! Antifascista!" and since a barista is someone making coffee, we now have that meme of anti-Fascists hiding in Starbucks/drinking coffee.
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