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No specific dates yet. Originally the plan was to find an illustrator who would like to become a full-time co-creator of the comic, visit some hackerspaces in Europe and be able to convey their atmosphere in a comic. After 8 months of searching I've found this task really, really hard and decided to write a full scenario / suggested storyboards myself. With this Wiki we will should be able to create them together - and given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.


  1. [x] Set up a wiki
  2. [ ] Rewrite all the notes to the wiki
  3. [ ] Create several story ideas with summaries
  4. [ ] Write the first chapter's scenario with preliminary dialogues
  5. [ ] Complete first revision
  6. [ ] Complete second revision
  7. [ ] Create sample / suggested storyboards
  8. [ ] Calculate number of pages and adjust if needed
  9. [ ] Find an artist willing to illustrate the story
  10. [ ] Make them illustrate the story (can be parallelized with next points)
  11. [ ] Prepare a webpage with localized versions of the comic (like Pepper and Carrot)
  12. [ ] Get some exposure from BoingBoing, CreativeCommons and others
  13. [ ] Print a thousand or so softcover issues and give them to schools in Poland (make the printer layout public)
  14. [ ] Write the second chapter's scenario with preliminary dialogues

In the meantime we should set up a Patreon / Paypal / BTC and check the local tax law on them.

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