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Chapter 1 - Exposition - Suzanne


The first chapter in the whole story should introduce readers to the characters, world, mood and themes. It should more-or-less show what a hackerspace (as a community) is and how it differs from other, similar structures (Academia, startups, student's clubs, etc). Suzanne's adventures can emphasize a need for such places and other major characters can be introduced, marking their approach to both Suz and the community.

Chapter Structure

This structure is a subject of change in respective revisions. For original story frameworks of specific drafts please consult their pages.

  1. Scene I - Exposition - Suzanne is sitting at the Glider tweaking her interface to control GLaDOS on the ceiling. Adam comes down with some kind of journalist, telling them what a Space is. The latter proceeds to ask Suz if she is working on a prosthetic arm. She quickly denies and tells them she hates prosthetics and wants to have a computer interface designed for her instead. She wants to make it her BSc thesis at the university.
  2. Scene II - Inciting Incident / Rising Action - Professor has finally found some time for Suzanne and has great news for her. She is invited to participate in his latest project - building a new generation of prosthetic hand, on which she could base her thesis. Suzanne suddenly realizes that he hadn't read any of her emails and invites her there to be a mascot. She leaves without giving a clear answer, dumbfounded and shaken.
  3. Climax - Scene III - Suzanne shares the information with other people in the Space. They give more backstory on how long she worked on her project and how important it is that it's hers. Each of the characters present their stance on the University, with Adam willing to bargain, Robert accepting an interesting experience, Amanda completely outraged and Cynic just despising the Academia. [Samer & Nawres here?] Climax: Suzanne decides to directly reject her professor's offer and ask him to allow her to write thesis on her project.
  4. Falling Action - Scene IV - The professor doesn't allow Suzanne to write about her own project - he doesn't deem it standalone since she has used open libraries. He is pretty clear - join our team or have problems graduating. It seems that they really hoped to improve their credibility by having a handless person on group photos.
  5. Scene V - Dénouement - Suzanne makes up her mind and decides to take a gap year just before graduation. She wants to build something she thinks is important - not something someone tells her to. Her arc ends with home and determination, some pan over the space and Suzanne waving GLaDOS from the ceiling.

Since there is no other role within the bigger story, the construction of this chapter is pretty free of constraints. The Big Inciting Incident should come at the beginning of the next chapter.

Further Work - Questions

  • Is the dramatic structure implemented properly?
    • Shouldn't both of the meeting with the professor happen before the climax?
    • What does someone who doesn't know hackerspaces learn about the Space?
    • Isn't Suzanne too shallow?
      • She is defined pretty much by the dedication to her project and her determination.
      • She made a brave decision only thanks to the supportive community she imagined herself in.
    • Doesn't Suzanne lack a feel of “agency”? Is she presented as a character, or just someone things happen to?

Loose ideas

  • Showing Suz in her room, with an anatomical poster and some homages to other comics / movies. She's a live person and likes pop culture as well. Does she admire Tony Stark's resourcefulness (like Nawres)? Does she read Dresden Codak? What does she think about it? She definietely likes EEVBlog.
  • Put Samer from Palestine and Nawres from Iraq somewhere in there, as a bridge to the real world. They both work on similar projects in their respective hackerspaces.
  • Clash with Cynic's sexism in the first scenes, only to be heartened by his admiration for the work and technical excellency of her solutions. Make it so that doesn't look patronizing / doesn't make her lack a sense of agency.
  • Don't make the professor look like an arch-nemesis. He's just a guy with mindset narrowed by years in the academic structure and is pretty honest. Can we actually show the problem with Suz's project as a systemic problem instead of just lack of good will of anyone? Maybe he actually wants to help, but his hands are tied?
    • “Miss Suzanne, while I really see that you are passionate about your project, it doesn't qualify as a thesis. You have already passed last deadline and the only thing I can offer is joining a research team. Without that, you will have to wait with your thesis until next year. There is simply no other option.”


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