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About the project

Glider Ink is a first Creative Commons-licensed comic about hackerspaces. Even though these spaces exist all over the world, creating awesome technologies and art there is almost no notion of them in the popular culture.


Glider Ink is created as a slice of life (Wikipedia TVTropes) story, featuring daily lives of members of a hackerspace community. It is not a science fiction - all described technologies exist and are linked to in appropriate sections of this wiki - preferably with a full build instruction.

Since the characters are fictional representatives of a very real movement, Glider Ink may be considered a docufiction. Not to be confused with a mockumentary or docudrama.

This comic has nothing to do with cyberpunk, which is already too strong of an influence on our perceptions. We don't want to enforce the feeling of hopelessness and digital divide, embracing technology ownership and empowerment instead. In terms of Jugaad-style hacks, communities and bringing power to the people Glider Ink is much closer to postcyberpunk [manifesto] and solarpunk.


All documents on this Wiki, as well as all art commissioned for the comic are subject of Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0. They are free for everybody to read, modify, remix, republish and sell in any form, as long as every derivative work follows the same license and all the authors are clearly stated.

The purpose of this project is to introduce hackerspaces as communities and hacker values to the popular culture, not to make money.

Language and Translation

While the Glider is written in English, it will automatically get a Polish translation and full documentation for translators. Pepper & Carrot project has came up with awesome tools for community translating of the comic and we will most probably follow their steps.

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