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Cliches and bad examples

A list of works of art, cliches and tropes which should be avoided due to their misinterpretation of the hacker movement.

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 TVTropes is an Ubisoft game which describes modern hacker movement in one of the most technologically vibrant places in the world: San Francisco. It contains a whole lot of misrepresentations:

  • Hacking equals hacktivism. No one is working on open source projects to help their community. No one is investigating a technology out of curiosity.
  • Hackerspace as a gang. Members steal, destroy property, embezzle money, hurt people (either lethally or not). Community service is shown as a disgrace.
  • Technology is a magical joke. Characters 3D-print fully assembled drones, weapons.
  • Characters not having their own goals and lives outside of DedSec. It's as if you copied Cynic's attitude several times, on different personalities which don't really support it.
  • Too much focus on Silicon Valley values and vocabulary:
    • Sitara exclaiming that “DedSec is her BRAND”. She seems to be focused mostly on the PR / marketing aspects, showing little interest in community itself.

More info:

Mr Robot

Mr. Robot TVTropes is a 2015 TV series following the adventures of Elliot, system administrator and a hacktivist.

  • hackers == hacktivists, no one is trying to build something, everyone wants to destroy the current system and see the world in flames
  • There is no hackerspace or community, but rather a terrorist cell on their mission.
  • Elliot, the main character does have a job, but doesn't really have any goals outside of stalking people over the Internet and smashing the system. He's deeply antisocial (way worse than Cynic) and has problems with basic human interactions.
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