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Cynic - Story Ideas


Capture The Flag & Calendar Issues

Status: Most probable right now.

Cynic and Adam are taking part in a CTF security contest - Pwn Adventure - a MMO game you need to hack and exploit to progress further. They've prepared the Space, building huge workstations in a corner, with 3 screens for each and a small fridge with food and mate. The contest takes 72 hours and they've just spent the first night getting armors and weapons - while a door to the first castle still remains closed. Cynic is getting pretty upset with their slow progress.

They're both surprised by Suzanne thanking them for cleaning the Space before the workshop. It appears that when they booked the room in the calendar, they did so only for the first day - not all three. Robert is coming to give a bunch of 10-year-olds a soldering / robotics workshop and chaos ensues.

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