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Hackerspace Archetypes


Shy Girl



Free Software Inquisitor

GNU/Linux. Because it's not just open source.

Cynic and Adam, although in slightly different ways.



Cynical Admin









Food Hacker / Brewer


Startup Guy

Video Game Artist

Bitcoin Evangelist

Tumblr Girl/Guy

Remote Freelancer

Mathematician / Functional Developer



Precision Tools Guy

(by Thomas Williams) This guy is older, has a fly fishing vest he wears with small tools tucked into it. He never makes a tool work, instead sorting through his well organized tools to find the proper one. He's the guy in the Space that owns the 401 security screwdriver set you need to get into that old Nintendo cartage or the newer screws on this donated ATM. He's got ESD and insulated, MEtic, standard, and this weird set of old Russian thing that were only used post world war two on three versions of there subs (now no longer in service.) He's being constantly reminded that his manuals (which he likes to print off and read by hand instead of by pdf or on the kindle) represent a fire hazard, even though his desk is the neatest of everyone's. He doesn't interact much with others. He's quite and polite. But there are two sins for which he is a HOLY AVENGER: You DO NOT use tools without permission, and PUT THINGS BACK WHERE THEY GO, not where you got them.

Probably Robert

Garbage Woman

(by Thomas Williams) This tends to be a woman. She's the one that notices the toilet paper is almost out and replaces it leaving the old role setting nicely on top. She doesn't just get a mug for coffee from the dishes that have dried over night on the rack but puts all the dishes away. She knows it's raiser to take the trash out, down the long hallway, outside, around the building, and into the dumpster if it is half full. So she does it when it is half full. As such no one else can remember ever taking the trash out. Its not that people are assholes its just that she takes care of the small things before they get bigger. Ironically the Cynic somehow recognized the integral role she plays and the power she has even over him. This is the one free pass in the shop. The person never pranked, the person who gets doors held or the one with whom he bites his tongue. She is the grease that lets the shop run. She is one of the few who even know there is a clipboard somewhere with things like current paper towel tally or “buy at the costco” list. While the actually shopping may be rotated among members (with the hakerspace credit card of course) no one ever seems to wonder how the list is generated.

Gee, that was me last time / alxd. I can imagine Robert and Amanda doing that, in slighly different ways.

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