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Inclusiveness / racism

Racial inclusiveness

Glider Ink takes place in Warsaw, Poland, 96.7% of which is ethnically Polish and all the major characters are Caucasian. Some of them may be Ukrainian, even if it's hard to show the accent in English.

My only experiences of being a member / running a hackerspace come from this country, where HSWAW I was a member of was purely white. I feel I wouldn't be able to adequately represent ethnic and racial tensions present in other countries and on other continents.

Since Glider Ink has a politics of no token characters, I don't want to make anyone black / asian just for the sake of it - it would be far more interesting (and educational) to have an episode where a hacker from abroad visits Glider - and is surprised by the lack of other ethnicities.

<c_n1c> looks like our guest suffers from some kind of snow blindness, lol

One of possible (and interesting) subplots for Robert is his family/kids: the older one, Kleo - may be adopted by him and fully black, while the Leon is of mixed origin, being his son. More in Robert's subplots page.

The second volume of this comic is going to tell stories from hackerspaces all over the world, including Egypt, Iraq 2, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Colombia and Singapore.

Social inclusiveness

Some Hackerspaces are focused mostly on students, others on top-level programmers playing with their expensive toys. Some makerspaces are located in favelas and help people produce necessities to survive, other employ loads of expensive 3D printers.

As with feminism, Glider Ink is trying to show a variety of approaches. Amanda may lead workshops for everybody, showing useful life hacks, repairing bicycles. Cynic and sh0dan may play with their expensive toys. Robert is working hard to support a family, and Adam carelessly spends all his time helping NGOs, somehow always afloat.

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