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There is no single protagonist in the Glider Ink, as its main focus is on communities. Characters are all there, and even if the camera follows one of them - they interact with others and their relationships form the story.

All characters serve only one purpose: the plot. If they don't have anything to offer to a story arc or don't represent the existing hacker community - they are to be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

We want to avoid Mary Sues, who are perfect and boring. Every of the characters is human, has their own needs, aspirations and flaws.

There are no token characters as well. If there is an issue worth mentioning, it should become a part of the plot, not a skin color, gender, sex, or origin of a background character.

Main Characters

There are five main characters, each representing one of the most important archetypes in the hacker communities. They can be found in the 'Space the most often, and will get their own story arcs.

Secondary Characters

Secondary Characters represent all other archetypes which can be found in hacker-, maker- and other- spaces around the world. Not every one of them will be used in the comic's plot - sometimes they would be just someone in the background or appear on other materials.

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